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TimeMaps in 4D
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Welcome to our interactive research site!

Here are some pictures of the maps that will be useful as part of the 4D map stack displaying a more time-accurate view of history and geography.

The events of history are a valuable and fascinating exploration. Seeing events displayed on a map makes them even more understandable. We get a sense from historical maps how events sweep across geography changing the lives of many people. We don't get as clear a sense of how events change lives and cultures as they progress up through time by seeing many events laid over a single flat map, or by flipping through a series of maps representing sequential time periods.
The Pacific Ancient Voyagers 4D TimeView(c) MapStacks project was created to remedy that shortcoming. We are discovering ways to display sequences in history as transparent layers. We are working on methods to make those transparent layers viewable onside. We are learning ways to put a mouse cursor in among those transparent layers. With mouse control we can choose segments of the historical time line to explore. We can define the area we want to look at geographically as well. With the proper control sliders we can compare two regions and two time periods for their cultural connection or isolation.
With this transparent stack of time maps we can see in a truer form the development of historical change as it evolves up the corridors of time toward the present. And, with a little luck, some explorer in these maps will discover an area and a time period worth new field study that was invisible from the single sheet flat maps we use today.

Join the Fun

We are looking for research partners with an interest in prehistory, archeaology, display design, visual basic programing, 3D graphics and animation, who are interested in making scientific research data available and more important, interesting and useful to everyone.
There is an opportunity to do some ground breaking work here.
This project will be published when it reaches a sufficiently mature level. Then many people will be asked to explore the transparent TimeStack, and to contribute historical information, data entry time and to share the insights they make while explore the prehistory and history of the world's cultures with this evolving tool.
Jump on board! Help build an interactive four dimensional view of history!

MapStack Model
4D Map

This is a snapshot of a stack of transparent images of a Pacific cnetered map of the world. It is done with Corel Draw. We are working on tools to make this a better display and tools for navigating around in the stack. We want to zoom in to a specific region or further in to a local site. we want to select a bracketed portion of the time stack and a specific region of the mapStack to view.

Pacific Centered World map
transparent basemap gif

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Copyright 2005, Jim Felton